First, sorry for my english ?

We at this moment still don’t try the SolidCP, so it just a question.

Since we had a WebSitePanel, we have that type of architecture:

As you can see, we have in a node more than one disk for Hyper-V server or different subnetwork for a disk. So we have to create fo each disk, or subnetwork different “server” in Panel, because we didn’t find how in different way setup where install the VM servers.

As you can imagine, than more nodes, than more difficult it is to manage all of these.

Does SolidCP allow you to configure this architecture differently? For example One node – One Server with different choice of disk and subnet.

Of couse we tried in WebSitePanel add in one Server different VPS 2012 services, but Panel see only Server as one, and doesn’t give a choice for Hosting Plans, Panel just takes first of the service.

Thank you.

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