We are on solidcp Version 1.2.1.  Originally we were on websitepanel and upgraded it when Marco & company started SolidCP.  I think we’ve messed our instance up so bad that we need to start over.  3 big reasons: 1, we have a situation where some of our mailboxes have to be “linked mailboxes” with a trusted but foreign active directory forest.  We hacked our way around that and can live with the limitations but 2, we are on exchange 2010 and are planning to migrate to 2019 via 2016 and 3, we had a domain controller die and it was apart of all the hosting plans and removing it has been impossible.  we are still limping along but I have a feeling we will completely break it migrating to exchange 2019.  Lastly, we are considering having some of our users in one organization on office 365 via hybrid exchange.  We only have like 60 tenants and 250ish mailboxes so we can handle having to do some manual recreation of things but I want to know the best method for a. dismantling WSP/SCP and b. re installing solid cp and importing old stuff.  We are thinking we should probably do our exchange upgrade in between the uninstalling and re installing of solid cp.  Thanks for any advice you may have!

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