I have public IPs setup in serveradmin.  I have IPs in “general” and different IPs in “websites”.  I have some assigned to “my server” and some not.  I can allocate and use both dedicated and shared IPs under “admin” user.  I can allocate dedicated IPs under “reseller” account.

As a reseller, cannot create a website without using a dedicated IP.

If I attempt to use a shared IP under a reseller account I get this: “Invalid public shared ip address in platform server configuration for shared IP address usage. Contact you platform administrator”

Thank you in advance.

…updated below…

I guess I found the issue.   I thought “shared public IP” was only used with NAT. As in if the local IP was different than the public IP.  So I left it blank.  Once I duplicated the IP in both shared IP and public shared IP, it worked.  Is this correct?  Or if shared IP is set, I do not need public shared IP set also?

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