I am considering moving to Solidcp from zpanel and need to find out if it will do what I need it to.

Firstly I assume Solidcp is able to install a php nuke style website? as one of my sites runs nuke evo.

Secondly I attempted to install Solidcp on a fresh server 2019 vm but have an issue on how to configure SQL Server to do this, In the video (Install Solidcp in 5 mins) at 2:02 the SQL Server name is localhost and when I try to do this it tells me the SQL Server doesnt exist or permission is denied, Im confused on how to do this and I need some clarity here as Im no master at setting these things up and have looked over SQL Server installations but im easily lost.

In reality I at least need the same features zpanel has, Apache, mailserver etc.. So I can migrate over my existing data the best I can.

I have uninstalled SQL Server 2019 for the time being as I want to get this right the first time so I dont have issues down the track.

My goal is to run this from within the vm and have the sites within it with ability to offer hosting to friends with their own panel etc.

I appreciate any help I can get regarding this matter as I think its time for me to move to a later/up to date software platform,

Regards, ICE

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