Good day to all. I’d like to open with a “Congrats” on an excellent Panel. We have been using Linux with ISPpanel for some time and have now opted to open up a Windows Offering. Many of our clients and several new ones desire an IIS/Windows offering.

(A) Here is our “Current” equipment available:

2 x Poweredge R710 servers: 1 x 8way Xeon Proc,  64GB ram, 2x200GB disk (Mirror: OS), 4x1TB (Raid 10: data).

1 x Poweredge R510 server: 2 x 8way Xeon Procs,  64GB ram, 2x200GB disk (Mirror:OS), 2x500GB disk (mirror, possibly for Log/TX files), 4x600GB SAS (Raid 10).

1 x Poweredge R210 CoreDuo Proc, 2x500GB disk (mirrored), 8GB Ram.

We can bump the ram/disk on all servers (R210 is maxed…). All servers are running Windows 2008R2 x64, 4x1GB Nic ports (R210 has 2 Nic Ports). We may/may not acquire Windows 2012/2016 – that will be decided once we are confident in our client base needs. At this time, they all pretty much need what we have in terms of Windows Server.

(B) Here is what we will be offering at the outset:

Email Hosting with Webmail (hMail/Mail Enable – not sure which yet), mySql, MS SQL (2008R2), MS SQL-express, ASP, ASP.Net, PHP (5.x, no v7 yet), AWstats, FileZilla FTP, Web Hosting (CMS: C5, Modx etc) and various others. We will be using Let’s Encrypt for certain pieces (Filezilla already has SSL support).

We have been playing with SoldCP for about 2 months and have all the kinks worked out (a few with AWstats, but that will come). We are pretty confident in installing, configuring, securing and otherwise rolling out SolidCP in a limited production scenario and have several clients that will be “ginnie pigs”.

What we don’t know is the best (or at least a “Good”) deployment strategy to the servers at our disposal. We believe we have the “horse power” to install everything onto every box (except the R210), but I don’t that is not the object of the exercise.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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