there is one contact and one mailbox with the same email address in different tenants (organizations). The contact is to forward emails from one company to another. When I try to modify the mailbox settings in the solidcp panel I get the following error

This operation requires unique source objects, but multiple objects have been found for one of the SourceMailboxes.
Please use either the LegacyExchangeDN or the Guid since they should be unique.

I have enabled Verbose logging and the powershell command is: New-MailboxSearch -Name ‘aytac@—s.com’ -InPlaceHoldEnabled $False -SourceMailboxes ‘aytac@—s.com’ -DomainController ‘adsrv1.kkkkkkk.net’

this command finds both the contact and mailbox and raises the error I think. I’ve changed the contact’s smtp address temporarily the issue resolves.

But the admin in one company cannot do that since he only has access to just one tenant (org.)

How can this be resolved?


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