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When we add a new mailbox in our SolidCP environment, the users is created with default exchange calendar permission
The Default have Free/Busy rights.
I have read that is should have been set to None.

Our environment is updated from an old WebSitePanel, could that be the reason?

If the user set the default to Full permission, everyone on the Exchange have full access to that calendar. Is it possible to either not be able to change the default permission, or that default only will give permission to the users in the same organisation?

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I will have to double check tomorrow but if you got some time meanwhile: can you create a test org (new) with new mailbox and verify the settings?

I can remember i made a fix for this for SCP a while ago but since it's been a while back i am a bit foggy on the details (getting a bit older i guess ;))

(i do not remember if Default was a global setting or inherited, i do know i addressed anon).

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I have created a script, that run on repeat that change the default user on all calendar to None.

So even if a user is changing it default settings, it will be set to none.

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@dalbjerg how did you fix this issue? I'm currently having it?
No users can share calendars anymore?