i have a solidcp 1.4.2 installed on windows 2019 and work well ( sc1.mydomain.com:9003 )

i installed another server as sc2.mydomain.com:9003 on another server and windows 2019. it works well too

no i tried to add sc2 to my first server from server from Server menu in solidcp , (binding and firewall for port 9003 is ok and i can brow successfully sc2.mydomain.com:9003 from first server ), i entered a name and server URL as : http://sc2.mydomain.com:9003 and password for login from portal to sc2 as password field (i do not have any password more than solidcp password panel )

but when click on add i have received below error

what step i have mistake? what means password in adding server ? is this password for login to sc2 portal? or other things?

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