I am installing Solid CP  on a single server that already has about 100 sites running on it. My intention is to use a subdomain of my main domain and secure it with SSL (of course), but I was wondering if there are considerations like installation directory/drive, or other configuration options that you would recommend.  Currently my websites are located on a different drive than the OS and there is another drive for backups (Virtual Dedicated Server)

I have had a look at the installation manual but didn’t see this type of info. I am mostly just looking for ideas along the lines of, “I wish I hadn’t set it up this way”, or it’s going to be easier to import your existing sites if you do this”, etc.

Is there a link to some discussion about this or do you have ideas from personal experience? I’d love to be prepared before I start.


Thank you in advance for any advice, and have a great day!