As I am using old ecommerce module even with SolidCP ( I understand why someone want to remove it, but I have my reasons and old ecommerce work very well for me) and so far in 3 last manual DB update scripts have found parts that try to remove EC procedures/tables. I want to ask if this is necessary in future updates? If not I will be happy if you remove this parts from scripts …. if yes, well it will be harder for me to update SolidCP panel each time.
As addition , I would like to share some thoughts about ecommerce…may be for your future decisions.
– we have different invoicing pattern as most hosting providers, as we don’t really sell direct hosting service, and we don’t need dedicated application for invoicing
– our current using pattern is that we are using ecommerce as cycles management and notification service, for us and our clients and it works well for around 1000 account we have
– I like idea to have one solution that satisfying all our needs without necessity to install different app on completely different platform

thank you for reading 🙂