When creating a group, ie: “User Access – Citrix Desktop” for a Customer, it will be truncated to UserAccess-Cit_00000

The same happens when creating a user. Is there a way to:

  1. Increase the limit of how many characters are allowed before truncation happens
  2. Allow for spaces when creating a user / group

It works fine in terms of it looks OK in SolidCP, but when we, the system administrators have to set security rights to folders based on groups created in SolidCP, it’s tedious to identify the group created to use for something useful in security settings for a folder structure for instance, especially since the Display Name is not written to any of the Active Directory attributes.

Our current workaround is creating the users and groups in the AD we are currently working on, then running a powershell script that imports it into the SolidCP database so we can continue management from there. This is both time consuming and cumbersome.

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