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Migrating websites to new server

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I am migrating all my websites to a new server (2012 R2 to 2016). Is there way to transfer everything without having to backup the sites, delete it and re-create it in SolidCP?


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We normally use native transfer methods (robocopy, and if local accounts use ps scripts to re-create, assign pass, and set them in iis config) and after that simply switch over the SolidCP Server connection info, and change provider ID's in SolidCP database.

Doing so should be relatively easy to migrate without much hassle.



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I am moving from windows 2019 server to new windows 2019 server with new IP. I need same settings and configurations. I have copied HostingSpaces and took sql backup of all databases with solidcp database to ftp folder of new server.

Is there any way to export all configurations and settings from old server and import it to new server? Or steps to follow


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@izhaar Have you found solution for this issue?
I am currently moving two solidcp servers to new servers and backing up and restoring individual spaces would take too much time.

Indeed the tricky seems to be the users associated with the users hosting spaces.  Did you find a way how to do it?


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The main important thing when you move servers with websites on it is the file permissions and users.

IIS, SQL, etc you can simply export using their native tools such as IIS Management, mssql management, etc and import on new server.

However Users / Passwords used for each website in IIS will not be present in the new server, we normally use our own created powershell scripts to re-create and assign properly, you also have some tools to do this for you (i have no experience with any tools but i remember there where a few to do this).

For SQL microsoft has a script to export all users + passwords (so that should go very smooth).

for SolidCP in specific it's all stored in the database and websites, so their easy to move together with the rest.