I am new to SolidCP have come up with an issue with SolidCP, and would like to know the best way to resolve it.

I have just migrated from a server running Website Panel.

I have 2 dnn websites, one is ddn 7 and the other is dnn 9

The dnn 9 one is my new site for which is currently use new.domainname1.com

The dnn 7 one has current production sites, domainname1.com and domainname2.com

I’m planning to separate the two sites onto to instances of dnn 9 (planning to sell one).

So on the new server I setup the dnn9 under the user newuser, with the domain name set as domainname1.com (thinking of the future).

The dnn7 website is setup with domainname2.com.

So at the moment I need to setup the domainname1.com and www.domainname1.com  as aliases on the dnn 7 website for now, then move them later.

I will also need to move domainname2.com from the current site to a new dnn 9 site after this.

Is it possible to change the main domain name on a website… to me this seems a bit of an odd restriction, and I have been unable to work out how to do this.