I was recently given an opportunity to test out solidcp as a user/peer. I’m a linux/open source hobbyist for over 20 years, so I was curious to try out this windows server and see what it’s like.

So far, I’ve enjoyed the experience but I hit a couple stumbling blocks: 1 major and 1 minor.

1. When attempting to log into windows server via console, the server doesn’t seem to accept my credentials. I’ve tried over and over to change the passswords: I tried longer and shorter passwords, I tried removing all the special characters and even all lowercase. Whatever I try, and no matter how long I wait, the password I set never seems to work. I attempted to attach an image of where I’m trying to change the password. (edit) which didn’t appear to work. You can view the image in a crossp osted thread here: https://post4vps.com/Thread-Cubedata-s-SolidCP-review-and-discussion-VPS-15?pid=40018#pid40018 (I know crossposting isn’t good for seo, but it is good for problem solving 🙂

2. The other issue I’m having, is when I create a customer acct and try to make a vps, it tells me there is no IP available in the pool; but if I try to create a vm under my peer acct the IP is available. Is this intentional for security purposes or the result of a setting/configuration?

As a user/peer, I don’t know offhand what solidcp is running on, but I’m happy to write the admin and request any information that might be useful in diagnosing these problems.

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