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Password required for a different public mailbox

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We have over 40 customers in our SolidCP system. We have two accounts of different customers that constantly receive a login prompt for a public folder that belongs to a different customer in the system.



We have searched through all of SolidCP and also AD/Exchange but we cannot find a possible explanation for this.


Has anyone experienced similar problems and any idea how to fix this?


Thanks in advance.

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It's actually a segregation issue with Microsoft Exchange.

It is most commonly happening when you have an environment merged, upgraded, or imported.

In basic essence each mailbox needs to have a Default Public folder assigned.

whenever nothing has been assigned to a mailbox it picks a random one (often one from a customer they got no access to which causes the login failure).

SolidCP by default generates a Public folder per organization and sets this as default for each mailbox within that organization.

Anything generated outside of SolidCP, Migrated, Imported, or maybe from an older exchange (such as exchange 2010) or for example created during websitepanel days might have this symptom.

We have created a powershell script to generate missing PF's per organization and set as default within that organization per mailbox:

Please make sure you adjust the OU properties following your Active Directory and run it on an Exchange server with domain admin and Org management privs user.

If it errors for some (or even quite a few) that would be normal as it does not verify existing, it is made to error on existing and continue with the next only generating and assigning the missing ones. 

If you need any help we can always do this for you with our premium support.


Marco Tiggelaar