I’m having trouble setting up FTP: User Isolation Mode: IsolateAllDirectories in IIS 8.5 with Windows Server 2012 R2

When creating a user it can not get access by issuing the following error:

530-User cannot log in, home directory inaccessible.
Win32 error:
Error details: File system returned an error.
530 End
Logon Failure.


The user structure is configured as shown below in IIS:

User permissions have already been configured correctly on IIS and on the file system, because without user isolation mode FTP works normally.

I looked into the problem on several sites and managed to isolate users by following tutorials on Microsoft’s own website. The solution was to create the visual directories that correspond to the names of the users, within the LocalUser folder. This causes FTP to work properly, but the problem is that SolidCP creates users under “Default FTP Site”, not within the LocalUser folder as recommended by Microsoft.

My question is how do SolidCP work with user isolation correctly? Because I could not get IIS to create the users correctly.

Thanks any help, thank you!