One of the biggest problems that I saw with DNP and WSP still seems to persist in this version; that is the fact that the server site runs as an administrative user. This allows a compromised site running ASP or .net to be able to extract the credentials for this account from the MetaBase.

To make matters worse, if the server si on a domain then they can use tools like Mimikatz to capture domain level credentials and spread filth across your entire windows domain. I would really like to see the sites use non-admin credentials and then talk to a backend service that has the admin access. This would greatly reduce the risk associated with using this product.


Additionally, this product should handle filesystem permissions like Plesk does; that is lockdown filesystem access for the SCP_IUSRS group so that the group has no access to anything they do not need, and there should be a system in place where you can tell SCP what custom permissions it should set for this group on third party objects that SCP doesn’t just know about.


The lack of these two things is preventing us from deploying this product.