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Back in the day when this code came from DotNet Panel - there used to be a list of all of the various security settings you should be making on a server for shared hosting  IE: C: drive permissions etc.   I dont seem to seem that anywhere, is that even available still?  Wanted to review and see if there are anything new we should be checking on for some new server builds.

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Marco Tiggelaar
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There is still a list people should be doing to properly harden their windows servers.

I have discussed this sometimes in the forum, but we have not made a full manual about this as it's really Windows and program related hardening (not related to SolidCP it self) which also means steps required or recommended heavily depend on the software and setup your running.

In general i would always check on generic hardening manuals (not specific to SolidCP) in a test environment, cause some settings do conflict with some other software (for example mssql, filezila, etc).

To make sure all settings applied correctly always reboot the server and check if all services have properly started (especially when playing with file settings such as removing Users group from your disks).


Marco Tiggelaar