Hello, I have the following in connection with the creation of mailboxes on the Exchange:

As an example, I have created a hosting plan which has registered 50,000 MB per organization for mailbox storage per organization, 50.000 MB archiving storage per organization, 50.000MB deleted user backup storage space per organization.

This hosting plan is assigned to a customer.
Now I have created a second mailbox plan where I have doubled the values ​​and now I want to assign the customer the new mailbox plan, which I have:

Account Home -> All Customers -> Customer -> Account Menu -> Spaces -> Make Edit Space Detail too (select the new Hosting Plan from the dropdown.

The customer has so far only a mailbox with 5000 MB in use. If I now create a new user and select the mailbox plan 5000 MB, the following error message appears:

Specified storage “exceeded maximum values ​​assigned at the host level

What am I doing wrong or where do I have an error?

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