In SCP v1.4.3, Account Home right side of page, Settings box, Policies, WEB Policy, I can’t save any changes.  For anything with a password policy, when I try to save, the Enforce Password History and Max Password Age come back with red asterisks, so they must be required fields even though they are empty by default.  What if I do not want to enforce password history or age–which I do not???  Can I enter zeros in those fields?

And why is there absolutely no online help within SolidCP???  Why must we post in the forum or open a ticket for EVERY little thing?  How about having “?” icons that pop up help balloons for all the fields?  This would save your users from having to post in the form for EVERYthing–assuming of course that the help balloons all had good explanations and didn’t use the term in the definition.

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