Hi there,

I wonder if you can help please. I’ve just installed and configured SolidCP on my web server and all the core components are working just fine (well done on the dev team excellent work).

My problem now is that when I try to install the hosting packages for PHP, Ruby, Perl, etc. I’m unable to. If I go to “My Server” –> Add Web Engines –> add “PHP” –> Install, I get a list of components and modules required to be installed along with PHP. I click accept and then click install, then I get a “preparing” message. This message goes on forever and nothing gets installed. The server has excellent connection and I’m able to download large data fairly quickly, so I don’t think it is connection. I’m not getting errors but rather the message “preparing” which doesn’t actually install anything. I’ve tried to leave it on for a while (few hours) but I came back to find it exactly the same.

Any advice on how I can get the web engine modules installed please? I specifically want PHP, Ruby, NopCommerce (from Microsoft web platform), etc.

Your help will be much appreciated.