I need one help

When I try to add website the system show error, I have located on SolidCP logs the error below:

[1/22/2020 5:58:24 PM] ERROR: 'Internet Information Services 10.0' CreateSite
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at SolidCP.Providers.Web.IIs70.SetWebSiteApplicationPool(WebSite site, Boolean createAppPools)
   at SolidCP.Providers.Web.IIs70.CreateSite(WebSite site)
   at SolidCP.Server.WebServer.CreateSite(WebSite site)

I have windows 2019 servers, running SolidCP Portal and Enterprise in one and each server have your own service running SolidCP Server asp.net v4.5 1.4.4

email server, ftp server, mysql5 server, mssql server, awstats server, dnss servers running perfect

only webserver have this problem

on inside of webserver I can see creates: windows user that will be used on the website autentication, iis apppool and folders, but not create website

do you know what’s happen ?

help please 🙂

very thanks,


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