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Error creating Mailbox email : serveradmin

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Good morning,

i have a very strange Problem at the moment.

I have create a User under a customer account and now i want create a Exchange Mailbox for this user.

When i try this i get the following Message :

I look at the SolidCP eventlog and found that :

[1/23/2020 11:57:10 PM] WARNING: Exchange Invoke error: Could not convert property WindowsEmailAddress to type SmtpAddress. Error while converting string 'serveradmin' to result type Microsoft.Exchange.Data.SmtpAddress: The email address "serveradmin" isn't correct. Please use this format: user name, the @ sign, followed by the domain name. For example, or

Also i see now that every new user get the following mail address at the AD e-mail field under General ( AD User and Computer ) : serveradmin

My Question is now why a user get this as mail and how i can solve it now with this user and what i can do that this is not more happend in the future ?

Best Regards


P.S. Deliting the entry from the User under AD fix the problem, but with every new user i get again serveradmin at the email ( only at the new users )

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I haven't seen this before but sounds like a possible DB issue. Can you tell me if the exchange account is made with the hosting spaces SolidCP user does it show serveradmin also?