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WHMCS error with all SCP Clients

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yesterday my whmcs server DNS has changed from our webhosting, also our WHMCS license changed,


after that i cant access any client in WHMCS, all my clients are having VPS with me and we are using the SCP module exclusively with WHMCS

we get this error when clicking on any client with us: 0b91a-c71d1b8f-119e-4db3-83b5-e8b831cae087.png (1965×494) (grabilla.com)

i also tried test connection from WHMCS to scp server we are unable to establish a connection

the firewall been always disabled on the server !

i did not touch anything in SCP but the only change that ocured is what i have explained in the first line.


any idea what is causing this ?

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