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Wrong Organization ID when creating Hosted Organization

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We updated from SolidCP 1.2.1 to 1.4.6.

Before the update, if we created a a new "Hosted Organization", we used our customer numbers as organization IDs.
All our custom script for billing an management are based on this customer numbers.

now it creates the Organizations with  the primary domain of the customer instead of what we set as "Organization ID" during creation.

created Org with v 1.2.1:

and if we now created Org with v 1.4.6:

set the name and ID:

result in the following:

and with this OU in Active Directory with the domain instead the account number:

ist this a bug or any configuration that we can change?

many thanks and best regards!


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Hi Dave, we are seeing the same issue and we also rely on the Org ID for our billing systems etc.   Did you ever find a resolution?


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Hey guys,

It’s indeed a bug in the current version, which is already fixed in one commit waiting for approval: https://github.com/FuseCP/SolidCP/commit/f50c1b20e6411f275f9d1d2657dd0a05f2879391

So it should be fixed in the next release.

Best regards


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Thank you Bogdan.   Look forward to it.  Currently we are treading water as we are unable to create new Orgs unless you know a way to do it.   Of course we could create new org's and then do the database edits etc.

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An update has been announced in 3 weeks (10-08-2020) which includes this fix.

Till then there's not really a way around it unless you custom build the module which has the fix included.


Marco Tiggelaar