Hello, everyone,

some of our customers use the disclaimer function of SolidCP.
SolidCP creates a rule with the name e.g. SCPDisclaimer48_DisclaimerName.
We also offer our customers the option of email archiving via Exchange Journaling.
If a customer restores an email from the archive, this email contains the header “X-MS-Exchange-Organization-Rules-Execution-History” in which all rules of the Exchange infrastructure are listed. For example
X-MS Exchange Organization Rules Execution History:

This information is only displayed in journal archived emails. According to Microsoft, there is no way to remove this information.
Since some customers use their company name or employee name in the disclaimer name, this information must be protected in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Is it possible to name the disclaimers, created with SolidCP, with a random name when creating them and save the name chosen by the customer only in the SolidCP database, so that only this customer sees the correct name in SolidCP?

Thank you very much for your ideas and suggestions.

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