The control panel’s primary purpose for my customers is to administer websites, databases, and email settings. Therefore I suggest some specific portal modifications to improve navigation, making it easier for users to find what they need.

  1. The main page for serveradmin and resellers could include “Domains”, “Web Sites”, “Mail Domains”, much as it does for end-users. I know these features can be accessed through the menu, but it’s not very obvious and the links don’t account for multiple hosting spaces. For example, if I click Hosting Space Menu -> Domains, it only shows domains from the “first” hosting space.
  2. The summary page for a Hosting Space could include prominent links for “Domains”, “Web Sites”, and “Mail Domains”. These links could be easily included in the Space Quotas report. For example, some part of “Domains: 6 of 10” could be clickable, or add “(Click here to administer)”. Also, on this page I think the “Hosting Space Menu” should be automatically expanded, instead of the “Account Menu”.
  3. The summary page for a Domain could include a prominent link to “Add Web Site”, or to edit or delete the website if it exists already. Likewise the page could link to mail features.
  4. Adding a website, pointer, or mail domain: I suggest an obvious link or instruction to “add new domain” if needed, or user could be able to type in a new domain name which would be added to their account. I envision users being very frustrated if they don’t understand the requirement for a domain to “exist” first.
  5. Deleting a domain (or mail domain): The process could be streamlined! The delete page could list all items that need to be deleted, and it could allow the user to delete it all with one “are you sure” confirmation. If the developers feel strongly that a user should delete website or email accounts one by one, then the error message could include direct links to do so more easily.