Dear team,

I have a question about automatic DNS entries for VPS in Hyper-V.

I would like to use the feature automatic DNS records to automatically create A records for each provisioned VPS.

Unfortunately, this does not work with the settings that I have made.

What information do I have to enter where?

Can anybody help me with that issue? That would be very nice!

My environment:
– Windows Server 2019 DC with Hyper V, SCP Server version 1.4.6
– Service provider Microsoft Hyper-V configured) Provisioning of VPS via templates works perfectly)
– Virtual Server “Hyper V VPS Hosting” under Virtual Servers configured with Preview Domain, Service Hyper-V added
– The Windows Server 2019 DC is configured accordingly under Servers

I would like generate automatic DNS entries as A Records in this form:
[VPS_Hostname] .preview.domain with primary IP of external network of the VPS.

Thank you very much for your support!

Edited question