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Incorrect domain expiration dates

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Hi all,
In a future build is there any chance you can remove the "Expiration Date" of domains in the domain listing.
It doesn't work the majority of the time and shows many domains as Expired when they are not expired.
Very confusing for end users and rather embarrassing when they contact us about it.

Alternatively fix it so it works and shows the correct dates.

Many thanks.

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Marco Tiggelaar
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Which version do you run? As older versions did have expired set if no valid date could be found, this has long be addressed by keeping it empty (not every domain shows validity via whois which caused the issue originally).

If for example .com domains show expired when they aren't you might need to double check the scheduled tasks and verify the Domain Expiration task runs periodically. (For older setups it will need to be manually added since WSP 2.1).