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Backing up a large database

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I would double check the SolidCP Server, and Portal aswell for there time out values

For the connection string enterprise web.config only and maybe if needed the Scheduler config in the enterprisebin

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Hi, this is an old post but we are having similar issues on a 4gb+ mssql db, we have extended the timeout, but this has not helped, basically the situation is from what i have seen, determined on a test server setup,  that the mssql servers solidcp PORTAL website, starts to eat memory like crazy, and keeps taking memory until there is none left and the website crashes, then depending on if you decided to zip the file or not, will do 1 of 2 things:

1: if you decide not to zip, after the website crashes and restarts and the backup is not made and the control panel becomes available again.

2. If you decide to zip, then a zip file starts to get created on the web server where you requested the file to be put, but the file just keeps on growing until the servers disk is filled up. I ran a backup and it created a zip of 100gb on a database of 4gb.

It looks like the solidcp website crashes and then it restarts and then the enterprise server gets itself in a knot and carries on trying to create the file remotely, below are the images where you can see the test environment i used the server just eats the memory and then it runs out of resources. Even after trying it with different timers and killing the app pool on the portal, the moment the app pool started up the process began again, until I recycled the enterprise app pool and then killed the web process of the portal, did it stop.  Seems like the process has a loop or some other issue. smaller databases 1gb or less works 100% only happens on big databases. Also if you use the download option or file copy process, the download process the website crashes and times out and it stops. file copy creates a never ending file till diskspace runs out..

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Hi guys! I know this is an accient post but we are having the same issues, huge backup files keep copying forever, for exemple, a backup file of 4GB starts to copy from Hosting server to the Database server, it keeps copying and never ends until the hard disk get full.

I already tried to change the configs from IIS, Portal, Server, things like timeout, maxLength, Pool timeout... nothing helps to fix this, somebody found a solution?


Thank you

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