i have an issue with the balancing feature of a virtual server under settings -> virtual servers.

Whenever i create a hosting, it always defaults to Hosted Exchange Server #2. Regardless of how many hostings i create, it always allocates Exchange Server #2. When i remove Exchange Server #2 from the virtual server setup, leaving only Exchange Server #1, it creates the Hosting on Exchange Server #1. As soon as i add the Exchange Server #2 it instantly creates all hostings on Server #2 again.

I would really like to use this feature for balanced distributing of our exchange hostings across a few servers. I’ve tried everything and am out of ideas. Maybe someone can help.

PS: It works fine with distributing hosting packages on about 10 webservers (System / Web / FTP). Same setup, excluding the exchange option

Here’s my test setup

Virtual Server Name: test

Primary Distribution Group: OS

System ->  2 Webservers (not on below Exchange Servers)

Mode: Balanced

Mail -> 1 Mailserver (not on below Exchange Servers, for non Exchange Accounts)

Hosted Exchange -> 2 Servers (not on above Webservers)

Mode: Balanced

Hosted Organisations -> 1 Server (DC / AD of the above 2 Exchange Servers)

DNS -> 1 Server

Hosting Plan Name: Test

  • Included are all the features available in the above virtual configuration setup
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