Hi All

I have setup a test environment as follows with 1.4.7 installer…

Server 1:
Running SolidCP Enterprise + SolidCP Portal Role

Server 2:
Running SolidCP Sercer ASP.net v4.5 Role

Have done the setup and added Server 2 to the system (OS, and IIS), and configured the pool and websites as advised in the tutorial (Set to always running, and timeout to 0 value) in addition I also installed IIS PHP manager, and added latest PHP version using the ISS web platform installer.

I am able to create websites using the portal, and have confirmed that the files uploaded via File Manager have been placed in the Hosting Spaces folder on the ISS server.

All pools and sites are running, however when I try and browse the websites on the server I get this error for the test site:

HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

I can browse the SolidCP default ISS site created during the installation ,and that loads fine with Status: Running.

Can anyone advise any obvious issues or gotchas I may have missed?

Thank you.

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