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Bug SolidCP version 1.4.2 server component cannot connect to Hyper-V hosts remotely

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Dear Team,

We have  Bug in latest version  as SolidCP version 1.4.2 server component cannot connect to Hyper-V hosts remotely, as we must setup connector(SolidCP server component ) in each Hyper-V host to connect locally

So please confirm as it is bug and you will check it and solve it ,   as we this bug not exist in version 1.4.1 and server component can connect remotely to all Hyper-V hosts.

Best Regards;

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Firstly i would like to apologize but the HyperV remote feature is broken under the latest release of SolidCP code. There was many improvements to the code in the last release but unfortunately the contributor did not build in the remote feature.

We do plan to take a close look at these codes and attempt to fix this feature so that remote will work as expected. The current workaround will be as you have described to set HyperV up locally.

In future testing we will ensure that remote does work.

Kind Regards,

Trevor Robinson

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Dear Team;

Any update for this issue and what suitable version that we can working on it with all feature and overcome security venerability in version 1.4.1

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Some fixes have been added to the next release, but here is not 100% guarantee that everything works. If you want to test it and write feedback, please write, I will give you an Alpha version of libs.

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I have upgraded to 1.4.3 and have lost access to 14vms that are running hyperv core, the system says

Unable to connect to Hyper-V server

Possible reasons:

  1. You are going to manage remote Hyper-V server (either Server Core or Hyper-V Server 2008 machine) where SolidCP Server is not installed. Type the correct server name at the top of this form and then click "Connect" button.
  2. SolidCP Server has insufficient permissions to connect remote Hyper-V server. Please refer administrator guide for client and server setup instructions.
  3. Lost connectivity with SolidCP Server installed on Hyper-V virtualization server. Check connectivity and open service properties page once again.

but I can connect to these servers from the enterprise server as well as from the remote system which is providing the access, If i go into the config of the server, it connects to the server that will provide the remote service, but if you add the hyperv role it says it cant connect to the actual server. I can manage these servers from the server that will be used as the agent using the hyperv manager built into hyperv

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