i am trying to upgrade solidcp to the last version, i have one server enterprise and 2 clients which are all virtual servers.

i have used the shell script to perform the upgrade, i could have seen that the server and one client was successfully upgraded. but one client is not even in the output list when the script is running.

for some reason when i try to run it again it is also not included. but when i create new website in solidcp everything is working properly, and on the client server i can see a new website in iis. communication between the server and the client is working in the daily basis.

can you please guide me where to start searching? where can i find log file for the upgrade, what i can do in order to upgrade the second client?

it is very important for me to fix it fast, as i need to use the v2 of letsencrypt ssl on the web server(second client)

thank you for help


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