I can create username and add any domains in SolidCP. Also “create website” while creating hosting space for customers.

However Im facing issue for one single domain atlanticprivtb [dot] com – I cant create website for that user. When I do it shows me this error:


The operation you requested has failed to complete 

We apologize for the inconvenience but your request could not be completed at this time. Please contact us on that matter and our support team will do its best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.


There is no other error log showing on the page. This specially happened for this single domain only. Could some one please assist me what was happened. I can create hosting space for that domain w/out “create website”. As soon I “create website” for that particular domain that error is showing. There is no other errors for any users or, this users to add and create website with other domain. How cant I fix this problem add “create website” for this domain only.

Im using:

Windows 10 64bit Enterprise
SQL 2008 + Mgt. Studio ’08
SimpleDNS v5 Pro + SDNS API
FileZilla FTP Server
hMailserver v5.6.x
Web Deploy

Server HDD:

Core-i7 7700K
64GB Ram

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