We are having a few issues with DNS (we are using SimpleDNS).

When adding a new domain with a website things are fine.  All DNS record are created correctly.  However, if you disable DNS for the domain and then enable it again all the DNS records are created with the exception of the website A records (root, * and www).  They are not created.  It seems they are created when the website is added but not at other times such as enabling DNS.

The second issue is similar but relates to the Preview Domain option.  When enabling this a new zone is added to SimpleDNS but this does not include the website A records again.  The SEO, NS, MX and TXT (for SPF) are created correctly.  This is the same whether you have the website added first and then add the preview domain, or add the preview domain and then add the website.  The website A records are never created on the zone for the preview domain.  Therefore they will not resolve.  We do have a global A record added on the * of the root preview domain but the DNS server will not return that record as there is a specific zone created by SolidCP for the individual preview domain.  Therefore the preview domain simply will not function and cannot be used.



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