I wondered if there was any sort of guide on how to migrate from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016?  I already have SolidCP installed and working in my 2010 environment.  I already found this question which has answered some of my queries and given me a decent start ->


However I did have some further questions.

a) All the other forum posts seem to refer to people that did this as a one big bang migration.  Is it possible to do a slower side by side migration – i.e. have a week where some users are still on Exchange 2010 and others are on 2016 and have SolidCP work?  Exchange 2016 would be installed alongside 2010, so same forest. I’m guessing I could point SolidCP to the Exchange 2016 box straight away and presumably if a tenant still on Exch 2010 tries to modify their settings through SolidCP, it will instruct the Exch 2016 server which in turn will be able to modify the mailbox on 2010 since they are the same AD and same Exchange organization?  Or would this not work and Solid CP needs to talk to Exchange 2010 server component for users on exch 2010, and Exchange 2016 component for users on Exch 2016?

If the above won’t work, I’m also thinking I could create a new Domain Controller and Exchange 2016 box, install the SolidCP Server component on the new DC + Exch server, and create a new ‘virtual server’ in SolidCP to cover the 2 servers, giving me a Virtual Server that references the Exch 2016 environment.  This would give me two virtual servers, one for Exch 2010 and one for Exch 2016.  Then presumably I could migrate the mailboxes for one tenant (customer), and modify the SQL DB somehow to point that tenant to the new 2016 virtual server?

b) Do you need to install the Solid CP Server on ALL exchange servers in your environment or only 1 of them.  For example lets say I have an Exchange 2016 environment of 2 CAS servers and 3 Mailbox servers in a DAG.  Do I need to install the SolidCP Server on all 5 servers, or 2 servers (a CAS and a Mailbox), or only one of them?

Thanks in advance.

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