I have created a new domain within SolidCP and i am checking the website in IIS and i have number of questions about it:

  1. i can see that in the website > advanced settings > physical path you use “Application user”.
  2. i do see that a new user is created (domain-name_web) with group permission: IIS_IUSRS and SCP_IUSRS.
  3. i see that the folder for the site has no user “domain-name_web”
  4. i see that there is no dedicated application pool for the website


  1. where can i change the site folder for example from C:HostingSpaces  to my custom folder path?
  2. where can i change in IIS > advanced settings > physical path to specific user?
  3. how can i create dedicate application pool for each website and make sure it is updated in the iis website
  4. how can i change settings in application pool->
    1. 32 bit application
    2. start mode
    3. idle time out
    4. regular time interval
    5. .net clr version
  5. how to enable mvc core

thank you


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