Hi everyone,


This is a brand new install of Windows Server 2012 Standard and SolidCP 1.4.0. I keep getting this error:


Web Application Gallery module is unavailable: 
– GeneralError:Server was unable to process request. —> WpiHelper: download first feed failed: System.Net.WebException: Url ‘https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/web/webpi/5.0/WebProductList.xml’ returned HTTP status code: 404 at Microsoft.Web.PlatformInstaller.ManagedWinInet.OpenUrlAndFollowRedirects(Uri& uri, IntPtr& hInetFile) at Microsoft.Web.PlatformInstaller.ManagedWinInet.DownloadFile(Uri uri, String fileName, String& contentDispositionFileName) at Microsoft.Web.PlatformInstaller.ProductManager.DownloadFile(Uri url, String cacheFileLocation, DateTime productFileLastModified) at Microsoft.Web.PlatformInstaller.ProductManager.Load(Uri productFileUrl, Boolean filterByArchitectureAndOS, Boolean loadEnclosures, Boolean useCachedVersion, String cacheDirectory, Architecture architecture, Int32 osType) at SolidCP.Server.Code.WpiHelper.TryLoadFeeds() at SolidCP.Server.Code.WpiHelper.LoadFeeds() —> Url ‘https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/web/webpi/5.0/WebProductList.xml’ returned HTTP status code: 404.

I have tried everything: The recommended hosting, Webdeploy 3.5 and 3.6 with different configurations.

I am not new to this. My old 2008 server has been running for 10 years using WebsitePanel and then upgraded to SolidCP 1.4.0.

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