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ok bit of a weird one here, In moving from helm 4 which provisioned the websites across multiple servers for one client,  to moving to solidcp, which now load balances the user accounts to a server and then provisions all the domains to that single server, has led to me trying to figure our a way to be able to provision domains across the various servers by adding multiple hosting packages to a client and then applying them to various servers.  This effectively should allow 2 packages of the same hosting to be added to the user which would effectively create 2 spaces, hopefully(testing 🙂 ) to a users account under solidcp.

The first package added gets created and all goes well, however when the second package gets added whmcs, whines that a package with the same name is already added.  My first thought was the package name setting in the solidcp server settings in the product. This I changed from the name Xpress Mini and made it [Domain_Name] Hosting. With the thought process the package will get given the name “domain1.co.za Hosting” However this does not happen, the package still gets creates as “Xpress Mini” this it seems comes from the hosting plan name.

This now I tried adding a different hosting plan to see if I could add a different hosting plan which has a different name, and the same error. So now this leads me to believe that if you use whmcs, you are unable to effectively sell a client a second hosting package, because it will not create it, because of this clash of the same package name exist already.

If you manually add a second hosting space to an existing user this works fine, so it seems that there is an issue with the way the whmcs provisioning module sees as being the package name.

And then the real zinger.. you can create an account from whmcs, no problem, but you cant add the second, ok so you add it manually to the customer, then you decide to terminate the customers account from whmcs, whoosh every hosting space is deleted not just the one you created via whmcs. So the question is it seems the whmcs module has some issues which need some investigation:

  1. Why a second package cant be added to an existing clients account
  2. And if you do have a second package defined, can it be set to delete the hosting space rather than the users account, possibly this could be automated to see if there is a second space then only delete the space being terminated, if its the last space then remove the account also. Or even put a checkbox, that the admin staff can select to terminate the whole account.
  3. The reason I ask this is some customers ask for different packages for different domains, under one whmcs account, helm 4 allows this, however with helm 4 the hosting plans are terinated and the account needs to manually be removed from the cp.
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