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limitation of domains or mail domains.

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Is there not a way to limit either aliased domains or mail domains, in some way ? The reason I ask is if you create an acct with a limit of 1 domain 1web unlimited sub domains and unlimited email accts, the person can only create a single mail/webdomain with multiple sub domain websites.

however now you have a client that has multiple aliased domains, which in effect are not taking up more resources other than pointing to a website or a mail domain, with the above package you now need to add additional domains to the package as an aliased domain is seen as a full domain. So we now have 2 options sell the additional addons for domains at a price or give the client additional domains for free, BUT This then presents a further issue

The issue we seen is someone can sign up with this package setup a single website and then create multiple tlds and assign mail accounts to these domains and it could possibly lead to abuse of packages like this. Is it not possible to introduce limits on the mail domains like we do with websites ? of add a limit for number of aliased domains or similar ?