Hello all,


I have WSP 1.2.1 running on a 2008R2 server which also has Exchange 2010.  I would like to migrate users to a new Exchange 2016 platform where I have a new install of SolidCP running.  The AD Domain is old and no longer reflects the name we use, so I’ve also installed a new AD on a 2012R2 server and integrated it with SolidCP.

On the new SolidCP/Exchange platform I’ve setup a domain for testing and everything seems ok, however I’m looking for some info on migrating current Exchange/AD users.  I was going to use ADMT for the AD user migration but I’m unsure on the best method.  Do I run ADMT, migrate users and then use the Enterprise Import tool to get them into SolidCP? Has anyone performed this task and do you have any advice or things to watch for?

I am planning on contracting a hired gun to assist with this, but I’d like to run a few tests and fully understand the migration with SolidCP.


Thank you,