Hi I went through the migration walkthru here : https://solidcp.com/kb/installation/migrate-mspcontrol-solidcp/

I got a few errors about FKServiceItems having a constraint on several databases. I wasn’t sure if thats a big deal or not. I have everything ‘running’ i can get to localhost 9001,9002,9003 . I cannot login using former credentials. if i put a fake name in i get ‘password email sent’ but if i put serveradmin in i get a db failed error.

I dont have a very complex setup, I have hosted exchange , with 8 ‘customers’ and an RDS/RDP published app gateway but it doesnt work in MSP control even though I have services installed . Either way, so Im thinking just do a NEW install on a NEW DB and then see if i can import the user base and accounts?

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