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Public Folder root created with first customer and now deletec, how i fix the problem now

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Hello, we make a big shit, we create Customers and Mailboxes over SolidCP on a Exchange and we have forget to create in Exchange the Root Public Folder first.

We didnt see it all the time.

Now the Test user what we create after the installation and setup is deleted and he was the user what create the first public folder, so he was the root folder.

Now we cant create any new mailbox.

How we can fix this problem without deleting the public folders in the second Hierarchy ?

Or can idelete the second hirachy and create them manual new after creating the primary PublicFolder Hierarchy ?

How i can restore later the rigths ?

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Thats a bit of a problem yes.

The generic help docs always suggest that to address this you have to re-create all secondaries, however i had some success in the past leaving those present and just resetting the primary PF.

You can try to just reset the primary pf ID via adsi edit on the First Organization folder, then create a new PF (outside of solidCP) and wait a few minutes for it to become primary.

Then check if the secondaries still work as expected.

If it doesn't work well you can delete them all and re-create one for each organization with PFFix, please note this will not actually restore created public folders by your users, it will just restore the segregated head PF for the organization (to avoid any errors or customer domains showing up in outlook).

PFFix can be downloaded here: