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Question about Domain Controller and SolidCP installation

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Hello, i have a general Question, i setup now a new enviroment because i was not realy happy with the existing one.

The Situation is following :

I have setup serveral Servers with the Configuration / Setup Script from the download section.

The Portal Server is located at the DMZ, the Enterprise Server in at the Lan, also the Domain Controllers, Exchange RDS ect.

At the moment it is so that at the Domain Controllers dont have SolidCP installed, its installed only at the other servers, but is this correct ?
Did i have to install SolidCP at the Domain Controllers also and when yes, what roles i have to choose from Configuration / Servers ?

Can me give someone a example for the Domain Controllers ?

For Example :

You need following roles at the DC like System, Hosted Organisations, DNS ( I have my Public DNS Servers seperate as Standalone in the DMZ )



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It is indeed recommended to access the domain controller services via for example Exchange or another domain joined server, this saves installing additional roles in AD DC (such as, iis, and so on) and will have the exact same result.

For Hosted Organization (AD) features it only requires AD Powershell module, Group Policy module and basic AD mmc's (their all listed under features, it doesn't need the AD role it self just the mmc's).



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Hi Marco,

thanks for the answer.