I’ve the following questions:

  • In the Account Home / Policies / Web Policy is the sentence “* All folders are relative to Space home”.   Now, where do I define the “Space home?”
  • When adding a new hosting plan (Website), it takes <Space Home>[domain_name]wwwroot by default.  However, in the Domain_name is the portion of [hostname].[website]   which could be “www” + “.mydomain.com”.   I want the websites in IIS to be named only: “mydomain.com” and not “www.mydomain.com” so I do not enter a hostname when adding the website.   However, then I have to manually (always!) add a “www” pointer to the website.  WHat is best practice and am I doing something wrong or is it like this?
  • When adding a hosting plan (including FTP), I always have to manually add an FTP user.  Is there a way that automatically the first user is created?

Kind regards,

Roel Broersma  (PS. I didn’t got an activation mail of the source repository we talked about yesterday, for MDaemon.  I re-clicked the button 10+ times but no activation email 🙁 )