here is a short setup guide for Guacamole 1.0.0 and SolidCP 1.4.6.

Setup Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Server and make sure, you have Root access.

Setup Guacamole Server 1.0.0 – Guacamole Server 1.1.0 has a bug supporting Preconnection BLOB (VM ID).
I followed this guide (only available in german – but Google Translator should help):


In my environment I have authentication with MySQL and on top 2FA authentication with Google Authenticator for the public Guacamole Website activated, connections from the SolidCP panel are working on addition.

There are several guides available to setup Guacamole – make sure, your environment without SolidCP is working.

On Github is a custom authentication provider for SolidCP available:

Follow the instructions for the installation of the authentication provider.

Download link for the needed files:

Follow the instructions:

After installation and setup go to the SolidCP Configuration – Servers – HyperV – Guacamole and generate a Guacamole Encryption Password.

Set “Guacamole Connect Script URL” to your Guacamole public login site (e.g. https://your.guacamoleserver.com/ or https://your.guacamoleserver.com/guacamole/ depending on your Guacamole Apache Setup.

Set Hyper-V IP, domain, user and password (user should be in Domain-Admins group of the Hyper-V Server).

On the Linux Guacamole machine edit your guacamole.properties file:

guacd-hostname: localhost
guacd-port: 4822
#Your Guacamole Encryption Password from SolidCP
solidcp-key: {Guacamole Encryption Password}
#Connection link lifetime in seconds
solidcp-link-exp-time: 60

<code>- Restart Tomcat: systemctl restart tomcat

Disable browser local storage authentication in Guacamole-client for auto-LogOff

Open /{tomcat_path}/webapps/guacamole/guacamole.min.js

Find getItem(“GUAC_AUTH”) and replace it to: getItem(“DUMMY”)

Save changes and restart Tomcat: systemctl restart tomcat

Now Guacamole Server 1.0.0 should work with SolidCP 1.4.6.

Please note: The connections via SolidCP Panel use always as keyboard layout en-US.

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