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Show default hostnames for FTP and Email Servers

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Currently there is no way to see a default hostname (External Address) for an FTP or Email service in SolidCP.
We would now always use a default hostname for each service so we can bind an SSL certificate to each service for FTPS, Email TLS etc.

Years ago this probably wasn't added to Websitepanel as people used to use sub domain A records of each clients domain a lot more. But of course we can't bind certs to everyone's sub A records and we need certs bound to everything now.

So some basic changes are needed as far as i can see.

For the server service properties for FTP and Email we would need the "External Address" field added, just like you have on MySQL and MS SQL service properties.

Then when you click on an FTP or Email account as an end user it should show the External Address there like it does for databases (But lets label it Server Hostname for clarity).
It should also show on the Hosting Space Summary.

I'm sure everyone would agree this makes sense?

If it could be added at some point it would be greatly appreciated.

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Marco Tiggelaar
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Hostname for ftp isn't a bad idea, email i am not 100% sure as alot of people still use their own smtp records (i would never recommend it but it's used in practise).

meanwhile you can already find all the external addresses/ settings by going to space statistics --> view space summary (this is based up on the email template thats sent out).