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We need to migrate our servers often and this is causing a lot of work having to setup SCP everytime on the new server we decide to move to also its a huge pain losing a lot of customers data as there doesnt seem to be a proper way how to move scp DB from one server to the other, is it possible to install scp on a single permanent dedicated VPS and simply Add other servers that we want to manage through the Add Server function ? i know this sounds obvious but i havent seen any tutorial explaining that as your tutorial asks to install all three components (Portal, Server etc...) on a single location, please we need a quick response regarding that as i opened another thread over here but no response so far !... Also is there is a proper way to move from the old Database to the new SCP server ?


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You can add a new server via the Add server feature. If you are migrating the whole server to a new one the quickest way is to retarget the server component at the new server once you have moved the data.

There is no proper way to move the SolidCP Database. You can take any of the supported methods by Microsoft to move a MsSQL database.