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SolidCP Official and/or Community Discord Server

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Ok so I really think a community discord would be well favored for the community members who's job isnt to work solely on SolidCP development and could well help others out much quicker as oppose to waiting for a post to be moderated then wait for an answer,.. So far waiting over a week to get approved by moderation is in all forms, annoying.... so a discord where community members can help and assist other members/SolidCP users and would make response time much faster as opposed to waiting to be approved on the forums here by one of the Devs and it frees up their time as well to speed the dev process up overall, Also discord has its own form of forum within so perhaps this is a wise and smart choice to make to get a better flow happening, Either an official SolidCP discord and or Community driven discord server, Im just making it known that this is a better modern method of reaching out and responding as the website does not see very much presence in the forum at all, (I think its due to waiting to be approved by moderators honestly), Id love to hear everybodys opinion on this as the status quo would welcome a change and I am all for it in regards to using discord over site forums imho.


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Sounds a great idea!

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I'm here for it. I started using the software many years ago when it was still website panel. I run a web services business using the software.